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Mar 27, 2020

In the midst of all of this COVID-19 Coronavirus craziness, I just wanted to hop on quickly today and give you a few key strategies on how to deal with the anxiety that is accompanying it for a lot of us. Let’s get out of this tailspin together and learn how to search out joy and contentment rather than anxiety and stress!


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Topics Discussed:

[:47] About today’s topic of discussion!

[1:22] We’re giving away two free weeks of our IGNTD weekly chats!

[2:30] The three factors that are required to find more joy and satisfaction in your life and the three additional factors to expand on that joy and satisfaction.

[6:24] What to do if the outside of your ‘glass’ is suffering right now.

[7:21] The next steps to take once you have your three Ss (safety, sustenance, and shelter) taken care of.

[8:21] About our new community page, IGNTD Community.

[8:37] Support your community if you can!

[10:05] How to exercise your autonomy and control during these difficult times.

[11:22] Summarizing the key takeaways of what you need to do to maintain joy and reduce stress during this pandemic craziness.

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