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Oct 26, 2018

Last week we talked about focus and how to lean into the pain and pay attention to all the things you’ve been running away from and have been avoiding, as it is key to beating your addiction forever. But another incredibly important part of recovery is paying attention to and focusing on all of your victories, as well.


So much of life is spent primarily focusing on what’s not going right. But if we only focus on the negative we begin to see everything in black and white; we’re either a failure or a success. So it is absolutely crucial to celebrate your victories — especially on your journey to recovery.


Topics Discussed:

[1:15] About today’s episode — focusing on the victories.

[3:03] Why some people are scared of sharing their victories but why you should share and celebrate them!

[5:35] The overwhelmingly negative impact of only thinking negatively and never celebrating the victories.

[7:50] If this speaks to you, please share with me through social media!

[8:01] Why it is so important in recovery to acknowledge your victories along with all the ups and downs. And how to develop a positivity bias.

[10:57] One way to focus on your victories is to use my Wheel of Life, which is free if you sign up for the IGNTD newsletter!

[12:19] Remember: focus is not always about the pain


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