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May 23, 2018

This episode, Sophie Chiche shares how she lost hundreds of pounds and founded Shape House (a sweat lodge). She shares how she allowed herself to stop masking her feelings behind food. Then she discovered how to nurture herself without food. Then she started her own business called Shape House and she takes us through her journey of healing, sharing tools for healing and self-love.

Topics Discussed:

[:34] About our guest for today, Sophie Chiche.

[6:59] Reflecting on our recent Going Deep episode.

[11:16] Our relationship tip of the week!

[17:18] The interview section of the podcast and welcoming Sophie Chiche!

[19:05] Sophie’s journey of how she got to where she is now and about the Shape House.

[21:57] How did she come to found the Shape House? And about the incredible experience you’ll receive at the Shape House.

[26:38] What are some of the ways that Sophie can tell someone is going to be nurturing long-term (in regards to hiring new employees).

[28:56] The shift in attitude and health for Sophie during her weight loss journey.

[36:18] Recognizing ‘urge surfing’: getting better at recognizing the welling up of feelings and giving yourself to feel it.

[37:17] The interesting parallel between addiction (and bringing stuff in i.e. food, drugs, etc.) and being healthy (through detoxing, and letting things out of your system).

[38:53] The importance of self-love, mindfulness, letting yourself rest, and paying attention to self-care.

[44:30] Sophie’s journey with sweating and becoming conscious of her body.

[47:17] About the value in taking time for yourself and getting to know yourself.

[51:30] The best advice Sophie has ever received.

[52:59] Sophie’s proudest moment.

[53:20] Sophie’s hardest moment.

[56:30] Sophie’s self-care rituals outside of sweating!

[1:00:17] What ignites Sophie’s life?


Relationship Tip of the Week

Our relationship tip of the week this week is brought to you by an old quote Sophie found on her phone from several years ago that still deeply resonates with us. It is: “A lover doesn’t discourage your growth. A lover says: I see who you are today, I cannot wait to see who you become tomorrow.” When I hear this quote, I think: How can I encourage my partner? Start applying this in your relationship and you will see your partner become a better person because you’re pulling that out of them.


Where to Find Our Guest — Sophie Chiche

Website: Shape House

Coupon code: IGNTD

Good for: One free sweat

Good at all locations CA / NY


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