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Mar 28, 2018

We’re here today to talk about symbiosis; symbiotic relationships, and the idea of working together with somebody — or something — else in a way that is co-beneficial. A relationship that uses resources together to achieve an outcome that is even bigger than each of the individual pieces.

And we’re not talking about relationships to people here — this is about the symbiotic relationship between kefir and the gut, the relationship between food and your mood, and how the things you put into your body affect so much about how you feel yourself, your day, and how content you are with life.

Our guest today is Julie Smolyansky, President and Chief Executive Officer of Lifeway Foods.

Julie’s family migrated to the States almost 40 years ago as refugees of the former Soviet Union. Her story is really beautiful — how her family created their business from nothing and are now successfully getting the message out there that kefir provides extremely beneficial, healthy bacteria that we should all add to our diets. And science backs it up too — There are over 6,000 published pieces of research on the benefits of kefir.

Join us today as we discuss with Julie the importance of exposing yourself to all different types of things — in life, and with food.


Topics Discussed:

[:34] Our topic and guest today: symbiotic relationships with Julie Smolyansky.

[9:24] Relationship tip of the week!

[12:40] Thanking our five listeners of the week.

[15:33] Interview portion of the show with Julie.

[16:28] Julie’s inspirational story of her family’s migration to the U.S. and starting their business.

[22:00] Kefir: What it is, its history, and health benefits.

[24:27] The healing properties of aspen trees.

[25:43] The second “brain” in our body: the gut.

[28:26] What makes kefir so special? And why do you need it?

[31:29] Fermented dairy is key — Why you should add kefir to your diet.

[36:30] About Julie’s book: The Kefir Cookbook, and her favorite recipes from it.

[39:08] Our and our kids’ love for kefir products and how we personally use them.

[40:00] Julie’s philosophy on developing products.

[42:08] What is the best advice Julie’s ever received?

[42:45] Julie’s proudest moments to-date.

[45:39] What has been Julie’s hardest moment?

[47:00] Julie’s self-care rituals.

[48:19] What gets Julie IGNTD?


Relationship Tip of the Week

Trust not only your own gut and intuition but your partner’s as well. Have their back and support them sometimes even when you don’t see the trajectory. It’s so important to trust your partner’s integrity and believe in it for them. Believe in them so much to the point that even when they’re not with you, you trust that they’re going to do the right thing.


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