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Nov 14, 2022

Gabby Bernstein, #1 New York Times Bestseller, speaks with Dr. Jaffe and Sophie Jaffe about how acting back in the day led to herself being comfortable with who she is around others. 


This ONE decision can completely alter your life in the best way possible! Feeling extremely self-conscious or afraid of other people’s opinions is a typical, and common, response. As humans, we tend to feel like we have to adhere to a certain definition or standard that may not resonate with our most authentic selves. However, negative resistance forms when we try too hard to fit in someone else’s shoes. This short episode tackles authenticity, expression, and “being good at getting real.” Join New York Times bestseller, Gabby Bernstein - with Dr. Adi and Sophie Jaffe, where we talk about how our “quirks” help elevate our lives.


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It’s good to take some time off to remind ourselves that our silliness, individuality, and complexities are what make us awesome. So, don’t forget to celebrate them today. We’re excited to see you in the next episodes!

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Stay tuned, because there is a lot to talk about.


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