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Oct 23, 2020

Today I’m talking about the One Percent Theory, which I love for finding manageable goals because this is how we create impactful change while incorporating hard reduction and confronting perfection paralysis. We talk about overcoming negative self talk, the importance of celebrating our achievements and the practice that keeps us void of shame and in our worth. If you tend to beat yourself up or feel stuck, you’ll want to tune in! 


1:15 Introducing 1% theory


4:15 Comparing manageable goals to ones that we cannot compete with. 


6:17 Harm Reduction 


7:00 Perfection Paralysis 


12:00 Feeding into the chatter of why we might as well not try instead of acknowledging our efforts and progress. 


13:20 Change is constant 


13:31 Two steps forward one step back is life, it’s always happening. 


14:29 The inner critic, beating ourselves up. 


17:24 Adi’ personal story of progress vs. how he would’ve reacted 10-20 years ago. 


19:00 Quality of life Assessment


19:38 Gratitude Five Minute Journal keeps us holding onto our progress. 


20 Start measuring how you’re doing. 


22:22 Don’t grow impatient with yourself about doing the work. 


23:00 “If you’re not all in, then you’re all out” myth


23:52 How to work with positive affirmations. 


25:39 Getting rid of negative self talk. 

Mentioned in episode: 

Quality of Life Assessment

Five Minute Gratitude Journal

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