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Apr 19, 2019

Today I’m bringing you an interview with Jessica Jeboult from A Sober Girls Guide. Like me, Jessica also has a non-traditional recovery journey.


Her platform, A Sober Girls Guide, originally started off as a small blog to help her through her own, personal journey. Now it is so much more — helping others through sharing her experience; featuring the ideas and thoughts of guest bloggers; group and one-on-one coaching; as well as her podcast, videos, and soon-to-be book.


In this episode, Jessica will be bringing her unique view on sober living. She shares her honest truth about how she got to where she is today, what she was doing and what she was like at her lowest low, what her turning point was and how she began her sober living, and now what she does — being two years sober — to further her sobriety journey, and how she helps others through her platform.


Topics Discussed:

[2:40] About today’s special interview with Jessica from A Sober Girls Guide.

[6:25] Welcoming Jessica to the podcast!

[7:54] Jessica introduces herself and her work.

[9:14] Jessica’s alcohol and sobriety journey.

[14:12] How long did Jessica’s alcohol habit last?

[15:09] What started causing the issues? When was the point in which she realized she wanted to make a change?

[20:58] What Jessica’s experience was like when she originally tried to quit.

[24:15] How Jessica began to find her way with sobriety.

[27:01] What Jessica did to further her sobriety journey.

[34:34] In the last two years of being sober, how has Jessica changed?

[36:12] What project Jessica is most excited about for A Sober Girls Guide!

[39:34] Remember to screenshot this podcast and share with Jessica and me your biggest takeaway from today’s episode!


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