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Nov 20, 2019

“Life is fun your clothes should be too!”  is the motto of our two guests today, Cologne Schmidt and Cammy Hebert! Cologne and Cammy are best friends and the founders/co-owners of the incredible company, Show Me Your Mumu — a clothing brand and e-commerce platform that has grown exponentially since its launch in 2010! Their clothing is fun, comfortable, easy, and incredibly fashionable! They’re the kind of pieces you can wear anytime, anywhere.


Cologne and Cammy have such an interesting dynamic being both best friends and business partners. They’re also big proponents of giving back and practicing gratitude, which makes them the perfect fit for this month’s theme of gratitude!


In today’s episode, Cologne and Cammy share stories of their humble beginnings with Show Me Your Mumu, how they have navigated their friendship as business partners, what it is that makes the ‘mumu’ so special (as well as the process behind it all!), how they find balance between work-related issues and their personal lives, and their tips for practicing gratitude personally as well as through your business.


Topics Discussed:

[:29] Sophie’s flying solo this episode to introduce this week’s guests!

[1:03] Sophie gives thanks to all listeners!

[1:25] Sophie reads today’s review.

[2:55] Remember: if you leave a bomb review and we read it on-air you will automatically win The Abstinence Myth, your favorite Philosophie superfood blend, and a beauty item of your choice!

[3:32] More about today’s special episode.

[4:18] Sophie reads the quote of the day from Brené Brown.

[5:45] How to slow down and become more mindful during this holiday season.

[6:42] Sophie explains how gratitude is scientifically proven to boost our neurotransmitters associated with wellbeing and having a positive outlook on life.

[7:51] If you like today’s episode, please tag us and the Mumu girls on any social media platform and let us know what resonated with you!

[9:31] The conversation segment of the podcast!

[10:17] If Cammy and Cologne could be any expert in the world, who would they be and why?

[11:19] How did the name “Show Me Your Mumu” come about?

[15:38] Have there been any bumps along the way from working on a business together as close friends? How do they work together?

[19:01] The importance of having different viewpoints and working with your best friend.

[20:05] About Cammy’s and Cologne’s humble beginnings of Show Me Your Mumu.

[23:33] Sophie shares what first attracted her to Show Me Your Mumu when she found out about them.

[26:26] The magic of the mumu!

[26:49] Cologne and Cammy share how their individual fashion tastes come together to create their mumu pieces!

[31:10] Are there moments where they stop and realize the scope of their incredible journey and growth of their brand? What are Cammy and Cologne the most grateful for during their business journey?

[35:27] Cammy and Cologne share their advice on how to continue a family-like feeling in the office and what they do personally to keep themselves in check and keep their friendship and work relationship in balance.

[38:52] Cammy and Cologne on finding the balance in work-related issues vs. life.

[40:47] Cammy and Cologne speak about the importance of finding gratitude daily and offer some tips around it.

[44:39] When did Cammy and Cologne meet their current husbands? Were they dating during the beginning of their business?

[45:35] How have they managed to keep their business within the family?

[48:28] Cologne and Cammy share an exciting announcement coming up on Black Friday! Make sure to sign up for their email list to keep up-to-date on it!

[50:52] What is the best advice Cologne and Cammy have ever received?

[53:05] What has been their proudest moment to-date?

[54:33] What have been some of their hardest moments?

[55:49] What are Cologne and Cammy’s self-care routines so they can show up as their best selves?

[58:22] What ignites Cologne and Cammy?

[1:00:33] Thanking Cologne and Cammy for joining us this episode!


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