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Apr 17, 2019

“I trust the change unfolding in my life. Sometimes we must let go of something good to let in something better. The wheel of life is always turning and change is necessary — without it, we become complacent. Change is brewing. Loosen your grip and relax into it. As you’re guided to step more authentically into your power and purpose, something has to shift. Change must occur. Trust the change unfolding in your life.” — from The Moon Deck


This excerpt perfectly captures the theme of today’s episode: embracing change and letting go to truly live your life’s purpose. Through trauma and uncertainty, you become stronger on the other side. Trust the change unfolding in your life! On the other side of conflict and struggle is growth, transformation, and living life to your fullest.


Our guest today, Shannon Algeo, lives this idea every day as his life’s purpose. He’s a meditation teacher, a life coach, a motivational speaker, and runs the podcast, Soulfeed, with his co-host, Alex Kip. His work revolves around helping others to heal old patterns of trauma and negativity so they can powerfully show up in the world to live a life of power, presence, and purpose. In this podcast, we discuss many of these topics, his own personal journey, and the many powerful lessons we’ve all learned throughout our lives. We hope you’ll join us all today!


Topics Discussed:

[:35] About today’s episode.

[1:10] Reading our review of the week!

[1:41] More about today’s episode.

[3:15] Sophie reads an excerpt from the trust card in The Moon Deck.

[4:42] The struggle of complacency and the importance of letting go and allowing change to occur.

[6:06] An example from a couple that I work with.

[8:26] About today’s guest, Shannon.

[9:53] About Sophie and Rachell’s ‘Nourish Your Soul’ retreat and how to sign up!

[11:26] About Sophie’s spring playlist on Spotify and her newsletter on The Philosophie!

[13:56] The conversation portion of the podcast.

[14:38] Shannon introduces himself and talks about the work that he does.

[17:30] Shannon talks about his journey with realizing he had given up his power and how he went through the process of regaining it.

[21:25] Sophie and I reflect on Shannon’s story and how it relates to us, in our own lives.

[27:16] If you want life success, there’s struggle, there’s deviating from the norm.

[29:58] Shannon gets back to his story about his journey, giving up his power, and regaining it.

[32:07] About the book Shannon is currently writing about truth, change, fear, and forgiveness.

[33:45] The importance of making that change, allowing it to let it burn, and living your truth!

[37:35] An example from a client of mine with growth on the other side of struggle.

[38:37] The power in our intent, beliefs, and motivations in choosing the good and staying open to the learning opportunities.

[39:57] Shannon’s thoughts on allowing ourselves to enjoy our lives.

[49:14] If shared our truth and we listened to others’ truth, almost all conflict is created by the fear of getting emotionally hurt; the paradigm of us vs. them.

[54:34] Was it a difficult experience for Shannon to come out?

[57:10] Discussing white supremacy, marginalized groups, and putting in the work as an ally.

[1:07:50] Asking Shannon our five, rapid-fire questions: what is the best advice you’ve ever received? What has been your proudest moment? What has been your most difficult moment? How do you practice self-care? And what gets you ignited?

[1:11:17] Many thanks to Shannon for joining us this episode!


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